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What is Aqiqa

Aqiqa is what is offered when a new baby is born as an act of gratitude to God, in a similar way to Qurbani.

When a baby is born the following is usually done

1. Perform Adhaan (call to prayer) quietly in the baby's ear and Iqama in the other
2. Provide Tahneek in the baby's mouth (usually a date)
3. Chose a Good Name with a good meaning for the baby
4. Shave its hair and give its weight in gold or silver to the poor
5. Perform Khatna (circumcision) for a boy
6. Offer the best Aqiqa (minimum one for a girl, two for a boy) and share with friends & family.

Contact us at if you would like to have an Aqiqa performed.

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