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Halal Assurance

Our Halal Quality Gurantee

Euro Quality Lambs Ltd is a specialised and dedicated Halal meat processor. It is owned and run by a Muslim family. All the Halal slaughtering and further processing is carried out according to Islamic rites.

Mr S M Khalid, the Chairman and Chief Executive, is known as "Mr Halal" in the meat industry, not just in the UK but throughout Europe. He has been involved in the processing of Halal lamb meats and meat products for the last 30 years. He has contributed significantly towards the cause for Halal meat processing, including representing the various organisations at national and international level.

We have dedicated Halal slaughtermen who carry out the Halal slaughtering in accordance with Islamic rites. The meat is processed under strict supervision of the Veterinarian, appointed independently by the Meat Hygiene Services section of the UK Government. It is then loaded onto refrigerated lorries for deliveries to our customers across the UK and Europe. We have a fleet of lorries ready to take this Halal meat to your door.

In addition Euro Quality Lambs Ltd is an active member of the International Halal Integrity Alliance whose purpose is to “uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in global trade through certification, collaboration and membership”.

We also know that different communities apply different Fiqh principles & rulings (Islamic law) to Halal production. Please Contact Us and discuss your exact requirements. We guarantee to have the appropriate controls in place to produce high quality Halal meat. All products are handled & prepared carefully at all stages with the Muslim consumer in mind – ‘to eat halal with an absolute peace of mind’.

Remember: the European Community allocates a unique number to EC-approved abattoirs to identify each premises and the meat that is produced from there. All meat from abattoirs must have their ID number stamped on the carcass using approved food-grade ink. In our case we use only halal food-grade ink (many of the currently used food dyes include alcohol). Euro Quality Lambs Ltd was allocated the ID mark UK 4451 EC. No other abattoir will have this number so next time, when buying halal lamb meat, ask for & verify UK 4451 EC on the carcass and/or meat boxes. You are not just buying meat – you’re buying peace of mind.

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