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Products & Services

Our management team has a deep understanding of the meat market right across Europe. We work to high standards having achieved Red Tractor Farm Assurance (RTFA) status; enabling us to provide ABM or Farm Assured products to our customers. Similarly we can provide EBLEX QSM products. See the links section for the website addresses of these standards. We are also halal specialists and ensure products are produced in accordance to Islamic rites and customer specifications. Please see our Halal section for further details.

Identifying our product

All abattoirs & cutting plants have a unique European Community (EC) reference number which identifies them as a plant and as an operator. This establishes the origin of the product – vital for traceability. For our customers it helps them distinguish our lambs from others. Our stamp is UK 4451 EC. This is your quality seal of approval. It is an oval stamp which signifies our compliance with the high EC abattoir standard; enabling us to export to Europe. A round instead of an oval stamp means it is only eligible for sale inside the UK.

Demand UK 4451 EC lamb meat from your supply chain if you want the quality assurance of our lamb meat.

EQL Products

We supply all specifications & types of ovine products – lamb, sheep or ewes.

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EQL Services

Contract Slaughter
We provide contract slaughter services for farm shops, butchers and other meat traders. Please contact us on the Contact Us page to enquire further.

Euro Quality Lambs

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